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    The Carbon Footprint of Asphalt Pavements

    This report is a reference document for decarbonizing asphalt pavements. NAPA is providing a comprehensive roadmap for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with asphalt pavements. The intended audience includes pavement engineers, asphalt mix producers, paving contractors, policy makers, and other stakeholders with an interest in reducing embodied carbon emissions associated with asphalt pavements. Download the report to learn more.

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    • Understanding the sources and relative magnitude of GHG emissions throughout the entire life cycle of asphalt pavements.
    • Exploring opportunities for agencies and industry to reduce GHG emissions using readily available technologies and practices.
    • Identifying research needs to better quantify and further reduce GHG emissions associated with asphalt pavements toward an ultimate goal of achieving net zero GHG emissions.
    This report has two primary objectives: the first is to identify the major factors that affect GHG emissions throughout the asphalt pavement life cycle; the second is to identify emissions reduction opportunities at various stages of the asphalt pavement life cycle to support an overall goal of achieving net zero GHG emissions.

    Joseph Shacat, Director of Sustainable Pavements

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