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    Resilience of Flexible Pavements Following Flooding and Freeze Thaw Events

    This study aims to assist the asphalt industry in providing moisture-resilient pavement solutions. Download the report to learn more.

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    • A summary of various flexible pavement design methods utilized in the United States, emphasizing climatic effects on each approach.
    • A summary of commonly adopted solutions used to minimize the risk of moisture damage to flexible pavements
    • Case studies of asphalt pavement sections that withstood high-moisture events from flooding (catastrophic), high tides, and spring thaw (periodic) with limited effect on pavement performance and no immediate need for major maintenance or rehabilitation work.
    Flexible pavements can be successfully constructed to withstand climatic changes if appropriately designed and constructed, despite being subjected to high moisture conditions.

    Imad L Al-Qadi, Grainger Distinguished Chair in Engineering Director, Illinois Center for Transportation

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