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    The Future of PCC Pavement Rehabilitation

    Download our updated report: IS-117 Guidelines for Use of Asphalt Overlays to Rehabilitate PCC Pavements. 

    is-117 front page.pdf (2)

    Highlight features & benefits

    • Understand the rehabilitation process and the rehabilitation of PCC pavements with asphalt overlays
    • Mix design for asphalt overlays 
    • Research backed by case studies:
      • Case Study 1: Perpetual asphalt pavement over rubblized JRCP on I-295 in New Jersey
      • Case Study 2: Asphalt overlay over broken and seated JRCP on SR-28 in Pennsylvania
    Rehabilitation occurs when extensive distresses are present throughout the pavement structure and/or additional structural capacity is needed. Its main objective is to restore the pavement’s level of service and extend its service life.

    Adriana Vargas-Nordcbeck, PhD, Associate Research Professor, National Center for Asphalt Technology

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